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SAT I Test Prep

When you hear people talk about the “SAT test,” they’re really talking about the SAT I, and if you’re a high school student, especially one at a competitive New York high school, you’ll hear the SAT talked about.

CATES Approach to the SAT I

sat tutor nycAt CATES, we advise our students to take the SAT in the spring of their junior year, and if necessary, to take it again in October of their senior year. Many students begin prepping with CATES for the PSAT in the fall of their junior year, and then segue into preparing for the SAT. As with all of our test prep programs, we tailor our SAT test prep to each individual student. When students start for SAT test prep with CATES, we begin by giving a diagnostic tests and/or doing an in-depth analysis of the student’s PSAT test results. With this information, the tutor creates a customized plan based on the student’s immediate and long-term content and strategy needs. Some students need to review on the SAT math and vocabulary; others need help learning how to interpret the questions themselves. All students benefit from learning timing and test-taking strategies, since the SAT is the biggest test (and probably the longest) that most students have had to deal with. As they work with us, students can (and should) continue to take free mock tests, to practice taking the test, chart their progress, and help the tutor to adjust the student’s test prep program as they gain skills and confidence.

We currently assist students in SAT test prep in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester NY, Fairfield CT, Bergen NJ, as well as students in many areas throughout New York State, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Our International division provides American SAT test prep in France, Greece, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. And we can help you get ready for the SAT test no matter where you live. We are constantly expanding both the range of our services and the areas we serve, in part through our popular Online tutoring and test prep options, which allow us to reach students closby, striving to improve their SAT scores-- anywhere, and anytime.

Click here to learn more about CATES approach to SAT prep. Or, if you think the ACT test might be more your style, click here to learn more about the CATES approach to the ACT.

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