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SAT I Test Prep

When you hear people talk about the “SAT test,” they’re really talking about the SAT I, and if you’re a high school student, especially one at a competitive New York high school, you’ll hear the SAT talked about.

SAT Content and Format

The SAT tests is comprised of three sections including a Reading Test, a Writing and Language Test, a two-part Math Test and an optional essay. The test contains 3 hours (plus an optional 50 minute essay) of material, unless a student has qualified for extended time. The test format is multiple-choice and 13 “grid-in” math questions, where the student must provide their own answers.

One point is awarded for each correct answer and no points are lost or gained for incorrect or unanswered questions. Scaled scores range from 200-800 in the Verbal (comprised of the Reading Test score plus the Writing and Language Test score) and the two-part Math Test. Both are added together to create a composite score ranging from 400-1600.

National Average Percentiles:

50th 500 500
75th 580 570
90th 660 650

SAT I Content

Reading Test

The Reading Test is made up three types of questions: Command of Evidence, Words in Context, and Analysis in History/Social Studies and in Science.

Writing and Language Test

In addition to the items address in the Reading Test, the Writing section includes Expression of Ideas and Standard English Conventions.

Math Test

On the two part SAT Math Test, questions are divided into two types: multiple-choice, and grid-ins, in which the student must write in the answer (there are only 13 grid-in questions on the test). One part requires a calculator and the second prohibits one. SAT math questions are arranged in order of increasing difficulty, and test a student’s grasp of the following subjects:

  • Fluency
  • Conceptual Understanding
  • Applications

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